Handcrafted Awesome Leather Goods For Your Every Day Life

We’re all about making genuine, top-notch leather accessories to help you carry stuff better. And trust us, we’ll keep at it until it’s perfect.

But we don’t just stop at selecting the best materials. Our design philosophy hinges on the belief that true elegance lies in simplicity.

 It’s the subtle curves of a wallet, the gentle sheen of a belt, and the immaculate stitches that make our products not just accessories, but extensions of one’s persona.

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The classic everyday belt is a timeless accessory, seamlessly merging functionality with style. Crafted to complement a myriad of outfits, it stands as a staple in every wardrobe. Its versatility stretches beyond mere practicality; it acts as a statement piece, subtly elevating even the most basic ensemble. Made with precision and care, it embodies durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether cinching a dress, enhancing a casual pair of jeans, or adding the finishing touch to formal attire, the everyday belt’s understated elegance shines through. It’s not just a tool to hold up trousers; it’s a testament to enduring style.


There’s something deeply personal about the bi-fold leather wallet. It’s the silent guardian of our most valuable items: faded photographs, coffee loyalty cards, or that crumpled twenty for emergencies. Each one tells a story. Maybe it was a gift from a loved one or a treat to oneself after landing that first job. Over time, it contours to fit our pocket perfectly, growing more character with every scratch and stain. And on days when life feels too digital, the familiar texture of its leather serves as a tactile reminder of simpler times. It’s not just a wallet; it’s a treasure chest of memories.


When we say “The All American Belt” we mean it! The Buckle? American Made. The Leather? American Steerhide. The Screws? You guessed it, Made in USA! Even the box it comes in and the sticker that comes with it were both printed right here in America.  We aren’t messing around, we believe in this.  Take a look at our competition.  Where are their belts made?

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